EL Paso Area

El Paso, TX 8250 North Loop

El Paso, TX 79907

Project Manager:  Mike Bowman

Cell: 915-539-4425

Office: 915-598-9100, ext.124

Email: Bowman@bowenic.com


Coatings & Pavement Striping Division

8250 North Loop

El Paso, TX. 79907

Project Manager: Chuck Cole

Cell: 915-539-4352

Email: chuck.c@bowenic.com


Pipeline Maintenance

West Texas Division

8250 North Loop

El Paso, TX 79907

Project Manager: Mondo Hernandez

Cell: 575-494-4914 

Office: 915-598-9100

Email: m.hernandez@bowenic.com


Pipeline Maintenance

East Texas Division

Corpus Christi, Tx.

Project Manager: Zane Mauldin

Cell: 915-449-1780

Office: 915-598-9100

Email: zmauldin@bowenic.com


TXDOT & EL Paso Area   

8250 North Loop

El Paso, TX 79907 

Project Manager: Josue Hernandez

Cell: 915-208-0025 

Email: jhernandez@bowenic.com


Office Locations

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