Full Service Pavement Marking Company

Any Surface... We've got you covered

Bowen Industrial Contractor is a family-owned business created and incorporated in El Paso, TX. From the beginning, we have utilized our experience, training, and commitment to service and safety to catapult BOWEN into a leading full-service pavement contractor. We offer a full range of road and pavement marking services. By combining our full line of equipment with our highly trained crews and commitment to service, we ensure a successful partnership with our customers.

No job is too large or too small. Whether you need to mark half a mile of new asphalt, or hundreds of miles of interstate highway, we have the equipment and expertise to get the job done right, within budget and on time. BOWEN has the capabilities to stripe parking lots, city streets, county roads, state highways and airports. We specialize in the application of Thermoplastic, paint, tape and raised pavement markings (RPM'S). Not limited to pavement striping, Bowen is able to eliminate/remove pavement markings on any project.

Bowen has complete guardrail removal and installation service including signage installation, crash pads, etc.


Bowen installs paint applications from traffic paint to the highest quality Federal Spec paint for any type of road or airfield with its fleet of trucks and team of professional marketing installers.


Bowen Installs a wide variety of tape. Whether the job is a temporary redirecting of traffic or a permanent solution, we can install contrast tape best suited for any special condition; for light-colored road" surfaces, "wet" reflective tape for rain, day or night application, hot tape installation, or other high visibility tapes. We can also install precut tape symbols.

Raised pavement markers

Bowen installs a wide variety of pavement markers including raised markers that are typically used on traditional roadways, or recessed markers that would enable snow removal from the road surface. Raised pavement markers are the preferred method for lane division and tire vibrant markers. Rumble strips are basically a series of ceramic markers glued down that when driven over quickly produce a loud noise making the driver aware of the road situation. Raised pavement markers help achieve an organized traffic flow and provide warning for vehicular and pedestrian traffic.


We are not only effective at laying down stripes, we can also remove them. Eradicating pavement marking materials, concrete curing compound, along with rubber build up on airport runways is a highly technical skill. BOWEN has this technology and know-how. We are equipped with a vacuum recovery system prompt, efficient and environmentally safe elimination of all materials on concrete and asphalt. And if need be, we also have grinding equipment.

Guardrail Services

BOWEN has complete guardrail removal installation service including signage installation, crash pads, etc...

Pipeline Maintenance and Services
We as Bowen Industrial Contractors provide Pipeline Companies with required support and assistance on pipeline maintenance projects. Including but not limited to the supply of correct personel from skilled 1, 2,3, and 4 laborers, CDL drivers, heavy equipment operators, welders, welders helpers, and damage prevention inspectors. Assisting in the remediation of in service gas lines, testing, installing new line and Pigging.

We also have a Plural Component Spray machine capable of sandblasting and coating large sections of pipe in 1:1, 2:1, and 3:1 coating applications where our cartridge gun systems are not sufficient. We as Bowen Industrial Contractors place strong emphasis on client satisfaction and take pride in our employees, client production, loyalty, and the safety of all parties on location at all times.

Services and Capabilities

Established in 1964, we are a Licensed Industrial Contractor and Fabricator throughout the Southern and Western United States.

Estimating, Scheduling & Project Management
Windows 97’- “Race” Estimating, “Primavera” Scheduling, Complete Automated
Billing, Client  Job-Cost Tracking, Scheduling, and Payroll Capabilities 
Employment Capacity - Labor Crews for all Types of Work - Skilled and Unskilled.

Pickups, Cranes, Welding Machines & Rigs, Backhoes, Forklifts, Tractors with Bushhogs, Motor Graders, Water Trucks, Tractor/Trailer  Rigs, Office & Storage Trailers, Manlifts, etc.

Electrical & Instrumentation
Structural Steel Erection
Industrial Cleaning  
Core Drilling (1”-12”)
Large Equip. Setting and Installation    
Security Chain Link Fencing       
Structural Concrete and Containments 
Road Barricades
Specialty Industrial Coatings 
Guard Rail (TxDOT Approved)
Operations assistance staffing             
​HDPE Pipe Work
Fabrication Shops Available                 
All Types of Pipeline Work
Skid Module Fabrication                     
Valve Service & Testing (D.O.T Required)
High Pressure Washers                      
Cooling Tower Repair & Industrial Maintenance
Franchised Metal Building Dealer          
Highway Striping
Epoxy coating for Natural Gas Pipelines Equipment Refurbishment
Industrial Machining                           
Heavy Hauling
Weed Mowing & Control
ASME, AWS, & API Codes
Co-Generation & Regeneration Fabrication & Erection.
Vessel Fabrication, Erection, & Hydrotesting - “U” & “S” Stamps.
Repair & Recertification - “R” Stamp, Pressure Piping - “PP” Stamp.
Regeneration Change Outs: 
Tube Plugging, Insulation & Testing.
Spool Fabrication & Field Piping Lined Turbine Exhaust Ducts
Piping Construction:  Take-up and Re-lay.